English Conversation Starters
Week 42-2022

Cada semana subiremos preguntas, artículos y videos para estimular la conversación en nuestras clases de inglés.

Enjoy the conversation!

Academia de inglés en Murcia pearshaped

Random Question

What are your hidden talents?


«The internet does more harm than good»


It is one hour before your best friend gets married. You find out their partner has cheated on them. Do you:

1. Reveal all?

2. Keep quiet?

Word of the week


“He should get a steady job and stop gallivanting around the world.”


Do you own clothes that you never wear?


Are you superstitious?

Idiom of the week

Go pear-shaped

“I tried to fix the car myself but it all went a bit pear-shaped unfortunately”

Riddle me this…

What gets wetter as it dries?

Clases de conversación en Murcia

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