English Conversation Starters
Week 07-2023

Cada semana subiremos frases y preguntas para estimular la conversación en nuestras clases de inglés.

Enjoy the conversation!

Academia de inglés en Murcia cat got your tongue

Random Question

Do you have a nickname?


«University should be free for everyone»


You are in your car with your spouse, your mother and your mother-in-law. You mother says turn left. Your mother-in-law says turn right. Do you…

1. Turn left?

2. Turn right?

Word of the week


“OK kids, that’s enough tomfoolery for today. Why don’t you all go outside and play?

Food for thought

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

Good advice?

Buy bitcoin!

Idiom of the week

Cat got your tongue?

“Sat something. What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?

Bad joke time!

  • What is a vegan zombie’s favourite food?

Clases de conversación en Murcia

¿Estás buscando clases de inglés dinámicas con much práctica del inglés oral?

En la academia de inglés Cheeky English ofrecemos cursos de todo tipo con profesores nativos, clases particulares o en grupos reducidos.