English Conversation Starters Week 10

We’ve designed this page for teachers and their students to use in their English classes to help generate conversation. Each week you’ll find a fresh selection of bite-sized discussion topics and conversation starters.

Enjoy the conversation!

drive up the wall idiom

Random Question

What would you prefer, a low-wage job you love or a highly-paid job you hate?

Develop the conversation. Ask some follow-up questions.


«Tea is better than coffee»

Would your opinion change in different scenarios?

Language Check

What, if any, is the difference between these two sentences?

  • We need to shed light on how to fix the issue.
  • We need to fix the issue with the shed light.

Ask your teacher for help then make some new examples.

Word of the week


«Albert comes across as very serious and a little prickly at times but, deep-down, he’s a lovely guy»

Can you think of any synonyms? Use the word to make new sentences.

Food for thought

A stitch in time saves nine

When might someone say this? Do you have a similar expression in your language?

Idiom of the week

Drive someone up the wall

“I’ve been trying to get the printer working all day but it just won’t work! It’s driving me up the wall!”

Do you have a similar idiom in your language? Make some new example sentences.

Did you know?

The Statue of Liberty is actually a lighthouse

Is this really true? Let’s fact-check it for more details

Bad joke time!

  • I think Americans should switch from using pounds to kilograms.
  • I disagree. It would just cause mass confusion.

Do you have any terrible jokes you would like to share?

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